Copy editor, designer and writer.

When I wake up every morning, I immediately scroll through the day’s front pages on Newseum’s mobile app. NPR and the Old Gray Lady are my best friends. I go running just so I can listen to business and technology podcasts, I get defensive whenever anyone says “That’s a feature” disparagingly, and I obsessively curate a GIF folder. Basically, I love media. When I’m not perusing (and reorganizing) the magazine rack at Barnes & Noble, I’m giving major side-eye to the AP Stylebook (but following its rules religiously). Seriously. I’m that guy.

Away from my desk, I’m probably (awkwardly) running, (awkwardly) dancing to music or (awkwardly) hiding out in a Starbucks. If I’m not responding to texts, I’ve probably escaped to Big Sur, pictured above, where phone service doesn’t exist.

Here are just a few of my pop culture favorites, past and present: “The Golden Girls,” Britney Spears, “Parks and Recreation,” The Civil Wars, Mumford & Sons, Angela Lansbury, “Keeping Up Appearances” and The Lumineers.

Also, I Instagram — a lot. So just follow me.